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Welcome to the National Diaspora Centre of Ireland

Linking 70 million Irish and those of Irish extraction worldwide

By the Irish diaspora we mean those born in Ireland and who emigrated down the centuries, their descendants and their family connections still living abroad around the World.

The purpose of the National Diaspora Centre of Ireland (NDCI) is to link the Irish diaspora with those of us living on the island of Ireland and to celebrate their history and heritage. Where possible it will also assist the linking of members of the Irish diaspora in other countries across the World and the linking of associated Irish organisations worldwide. To that end also the NDCI will help create a network of centres, organisations etc. within Ireland to assist in carrying out the aim of linking with the diaspora, as each region/area has its own diaspora, with its own story and requirements.

This website has been created as the virtual home – the home on the internet – of the National Diaspora Centre of Ireland (NDCI). It will complement the real-world centre, which we hope to see located in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

Given its long experience and history of emigration (which unfortunately is still an ongoing experience for many in the county), we see Co. Donegal as a most suitable location for a national diaspora centre.

The Donegal location also allows the NDCI to be accepted by all as a centre to serve all the island of Ireland. Donegal is seen as a crossroads between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and so can serve all the diaspora, no matter from which part of Ireland they or their ancestors emigrated. The cross-border approach is seen as being very important by those with experience of dealing with the Irish diaspora.

I hope that in the near future I can welcome you to the National Diapora Centre of Ireland but in the meantime we will keep you posted on developments here as they happen.

If you feel you wish to help in any way, we can be contacted via info AT or at the address or telephone number below.

Adrian Gallagher